How to install Nextcloud on unRAID

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Here is a brief guide on how to install Nextcloud on unRAID. Below are the steps I use to get it working, but follow the video for the proper setup as these steps are brief.

            1. Install Mariadb app VIA CA community apps plugin. (Author Linuxserver)
                1. Create a user in Mariadb  docker exec -it mariadb-nextcloud bash
                2. Login as the root user with the password you created during the set up. mysql -uroot -p
                3. Follow the code below and type them in separately. Replace username and password with what you want to use.

              CREATE USER 'username' IDENTIFIED by 'password';
              CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS nextcloud;
              GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON nextcloud.* TO 'username' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

            2. Install Nextcloud via the CA plugin. (Author Linuxserver)
              1. Log into Nextcloud
            3.  Install LetsEncrypt via the CA plugin. (Author Linuxserver)
                1. Browse to the folder in letsencrypt appdata /config/nginx/site-confs/
                2. Replace the the file called “default” with this info. Replace server name and server proxy info with your own.
                3. You can get the file here.
            4. Edit a file in your Nextcloud appdata now.
                1. Browse to the folder /config/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
                2. Add another line under array with your Domain Name. It should look like this 1 => '',
                3. Restart both Dockers LetsEncrypt and Nextcloud.
            5. Add the entry to your hosts file to access it from your local network and that’s it!



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