Install Provenance Emulator on Apple TV 4K 2019

I purchased the new 4k Apple TV recently and decided to do a little bit of tinkering. Since I don’t own any gaming consoles but enjoy going back to the classics from time to time I saw an opportunity with the reasonably powered A10X fusion chip and figured this thing should have no problem running the classics considering the Raspberry Pi can handle most 16-bit consoles with considerably less power.

After some googling I came across the Provenance emulator which has roots from OpenEmu on the Mac, if you haven’t tried that out yet give it a go its linked below. Anyway, the install process of Provenance proved to be pretty tricky. The project is available for free on GitHub but in order to compile the app with all features you’re required to have an Apple Developer account which will run you $100 a year. You do have the option of compiling the app without iCloud features, app groups and more, but even going that route after countless attempts there were compile errors which I could not get around. You might have better luck with future releases but the version out currently fails to compile.

I wound up finding an alternate solution where you install a pre-compiled app and use a third party for signing the certificate. The biggest hurdle is having your devices UDID recognized by Apples servers as valid for “app testing and debugging”. Instead of paying the 100$ you can get away with 15$ and a third party will add your Apple TV to their developer account. A google search will turn up a few brave souls who do this risking their Apple ID’s and good standing as developers but I went with “Signulous” and have had success. In addition adding your UDID they also provide downloads to a bunch of useful apps including provenance.

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