Backup & Restore iPhone External Drive (Part 1&2)

This is a revised part 2 of the original video we have on backing up your iphone to an external drive. Here we cover the back up and restore of an iPhone A-Z. We are running macOS Big Sur and iOS 13.


Buy an iPhone using CLI ?

Spoiler alert… No, you can’t. But its cool as heck to see the web in command line plain text. Here I use the CLI Web Browsers Lynx and Links2 and try browsing some modern websites. Stick around till the end where I compare using both.

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Synology Moments! Google Photos alternative?!?! (2020)

Hi Everyone! In this video we go over setting up and installing Synology Moments. As long as you have a Synology you can use this application. This is a great Google Photos alternative as long as you have the equipment.

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